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Will a Hot Tub Fit Through a Door: What You Must Know?

Few things are as relaxing and energizing as a nice long bath. It really does take away all the stresses of the day. Well, for a nice bath, you need to have a bathtub. Here is the thing though, unless you have large transforming doors, there is always the question will a hot tub fit through a door.

This will depend on the size of the door and also the hot tub itself. Standard door sizes are 33” x 80”. So, some hot tubs may fit but need to be turned on their side. If it doesn't fit, you can buy a smaller hot tub as well.

That is not all though. What do you do in the case the hot tub doesn't fit through the door? Are you out of luck? I will discuss all that and also what you need to keep in mind when buying a hot tub. So, let's get into it in more detail.

Will Your Hot Tub Fit Through The Door?

Before we dive into anything else, I wanted to address our main issue first. Will a standard hot tub fit through a door? Imagine spending your hard-earned money on a fancy new hot tub only to find out you cannot bring it in and install it. That would be a huge bummer. So, what is the deal? Does a standard hot tub fit through doors?

As you may have imagined, I cannot give you a solid yes or no answer for this one. That is because hot tub sizes differ and so do door dimensions in homes.

Well, a standard medium-sized hot tub will be about 6'6" x 6'4" x 33" in dimension. Now, here is another thing you need to know. Most common doors are 33" x 80". When you are buying a hot tub, you need to keep the door dimensions in mind and be sure that the dimensions will fit through.

The best way to know for sure is to just measure your door and check out the dimensions on the specification list of the particular hot tub you want to buy.

Now, hot tubs come in various sizes. There are small tubs, medium-sized tubs, and large tubs. If you look at their dimensions, you will understand this better.

 A Small Hot Tub

It fits about four people. However, two or three people can sit comfortably in this. It has a length of about 65 to 85 inches, a width of about 65 to 80 inches, and a height of a maximum of 35 inches.

So, smaller hot tubs can easily fit through any standard door. You just have to tilt it to one side and then move it to your desired place.

 A Medium Sized Hot Tub

Usually, it fits about five to six people. However, if comfort is the issue, five people can best relax by spreading their arms and legs.

It has a length of about 80 to 95 inches, a width of about 75 to 95 inches, and a height of about 33 to 39 inches. So, a medium-sized hot tub can't fit through the standard door size. It's best to have such tubs on your front porch, in the garden, or even in your backyard.

 A Large Hot Tub

Generally, it fits more than seven people. It is big enough and weighs a lot! So, you can't really keep it on your second floor or above. Because the floor might not be able to handle its weight and the added weights of the people sitting in.

Furthermore, these kinds of hot tubs are most suitable for backyards. The length of these tubs is about 72 – 108 inches; the width is about 72 – 110 inches; the height is about 36 to 38 inches. So, they can never fit through your doors, nor even through French doors. Although, they may work if the width is less than 80 inches.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

The inflatable hot tubs are the best in this regard. Because they come deflated in the packaging. So, they are easily portable as well. There are no added troubles of installations or deliveries. Whatever be their dimensions, you can easily fit it anywhere!

Moreover, they can save a ton of money. There is no need to worry about these fitting through your doors. You can bring it whenever and wherever you wish. Just inflate the hot tub, pour the warm water and enjoy your warm bath!

So, in case of large and medium sized hot tubs a regular door might be problematic. But where there’s a will there’s a way. And if you really want to fit a larger tub through your door there is a way to do it which we will talk about in the next section.

What If a Hot Tub Won’t Fit Inside?

If there is just no way to fit a regular hot tub through the doors of your house, do not worry. There is still a way to enjoy a nice relaxing bath. You can buy an inflatable hot tub. Yes, you read that right. You can also try disassembling the tub and reassembling it inside your house.

Inflated hot tubs are easy to use and will fit in almost any space since they can be deflated and made very compact. Not only that but inflated hot tubs are also budget friendly. A good quality regular hot tub can cost you thousands of dollars. An inflatable on the other hand will cost just a couple hundred bucks.

They are convenient too. Inflatable hot tubs are easy to use and easy to clean. If you need to free up some space for some reason, you can deflate it and put it away in the attic or the garage and voila! More free space. A high-quality inflatable tub will last you for about 5 years or so if you take good care of it. That is a bonus.

You can also try taking your regular large hot tub apart and then reassembling it inside your house. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1 – Unplug it

The first step is to unplug it. You not only should unplug all the electrical breakers, but it also should be off completely before you try to take it apart and move it. This will ensure you take it out safely. Other things like the blower, control pump, and heater all need to be removed as well. Removing these parts will not be much of a hassle since these are just screwed in.

Step 2 – Remove paneling

Then you need to remove the panels on the side. Newer models will have plastic panels that are clip-in or simply slide in and out. Some panels are screwed in. So, you need to unscrew them to remove them.

Step 3 – Remove the shell

After removing the panel, there should be the actual hot tub shell. Carefully remove the shell from the frame. This is important if you want to reuse the hot tub. The frame can be glued securely to the shell.

So, be careful with it and do not rush the process. It may take some time and be tedious but it is worth going slow and steady here. The shell is sort of like the main part of the hot tub. You do not want to crack it by any means.

The frame can be replaced in most cases since they are mostly 2x4 slabs. Another point I would like to mention is that it is important you use the right great and wear protection too. Safety is always the priority.

Considerations When Buying a Hot Tub

When buying your brand-new hot tub, there are a few considerations you need to make to ensure that it will fit through your door.

The Door Frame

The door frame is the first and main consideration. Some doors in a house like a garage will easily fit a hot tub without much trouble. Traditional doors are where it gets tricky. So, check the dimensions of your doors first before pulling the trigger on a tub.

Hot Tub Size

Logically, the next thing you need to check is the size of the hot tub itself. Be sure to thoroughly go through the specification and dimensions of the tub. If you are dealing with a dealer or salesman directly, ask whether the tub will fit through your space.

If you have a smaller place and doors, getting a small hot tub in the first place is the best idea here.


Then there is the placement to think about. As I mentioned earlier, hot tubs are very heavy. Just fitting it through a door isn’t enough. You need to make sure the place you want to put it is safe. A professional will be able to help you with these. Ask them to evaluate and check the spot before installing.

Proper Ventilation

Lastly, there is ventilation. This isn't a consideration to get the thing in but still an important one to make for long-term use. Hot tubs are steamy and can cause interior damage if you do not have proper ventilation. So, make sure you get the right setup done.

There you have it. Now you should have a good idea about will a hot tub fit through a door. The best way to deal with it is to just measure. As the old saying goes, measure twice, cut once. I would modify a bit here and say measure two and buy once.

If you have the option, I would also suggest you contact a professional and talk to the dealer directly. This will give you more solid information from an experienced person. If there is just no way of fitting a regular hot tub through your door, you can always buy a smaller one or an inflatable one.

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