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What are the 10 best robot pool cleaners in 2021?

Pools are some of the most amazing things to have in your backyard, they cool you down, provide more fun than almost any other piece of equipment you can have. This is why it is so painful that all pools require hours of work to keep perfectly clean, sparkling, and always free of leaves. Having any extra tool to help your fight against the never-ending deluge of leaves and sand will make your life easier, knowing which one to choose can be a battle in itself.

The top robot pool cleaners are Polaris, Dolphin, Aquabot, Hayward, Kreepy Krauly, Pentair, and Smartpool. Robot cleaners can easily suck up sand, dirt, leaves, flowers, and small bugs that can easily make it a pain to swim in your pool. The best pool cleaning robot will automatically capture everything and allow you easy access to empty the wastebasket that will be attached somewhere on the machine.

Each robotic pool cleaner has its own benefits, many working in different ways, built to solve specific functions, each cleaner being created to solve specific problems with pools. Many of the best pool robots will be able to automatically change direction, detect pool walls, and have systems that can last for many summers. Knowing the functions of each of the top pool cleaning robots will allow you to keep your pool clean comfortably and easily.

Here are the top 10 pool cleaning robots that you can get for any pool shape and size!

Why should you get a robot pool cleaner?

When you first get your pool, you will wonder why anyone would need to throw in chemicals or spend hours each day scooping leaves and other stuff out of it. Few people realize how much work goes into keeping a pool entirely clean, usually just enjoying the pool when there are no leaves in them.

When you do get your pool and have to take care of it for more than just a few days you will quickly learn that you will need to scoop leaves daily, test chemicals weekly, and buy things you never knew you could get in a supermarket. This is usually when you will start searching for something that cleans your pool automatically.

Pool cleaners come in all shapes and sizes, from valved systems that were introduced by Kreepy Krauly, to the more complex motor drive systems pioneered by Polaris. Each system has its advantage and will require that you know the needs of your pool and how much time you can spend each day maintaining it. If you are still learning about pool care it will help to know which are the top robotic pool cleaners you can throw in and forget.

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 280

One of the oldest names in the industry of making pool cleaners you can find older designs of the Vac-Sweep 280 dating back to the 70s, most of them still working perfectly well. This simple pool cleaning robot is still used in a lot of countries around the world.

The small pool cleaner can clean most pools in 3 hours or less, runs off a separate booster pump, and only needs the extra connection of two jets. One of the most trusted things you can be assured of, the older a design the more likely it is to never give you any trouble.

Dolphin E10 Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

A much more compact robot cleaner that focuses on pools that are above ground, this little beast uses no pumps to do its job, relying entirely on the internal electric motor installed in it. This is the reason that the robot cannot be used in larger pools as the electrical energy required to run it would be immense.

With a small basket located inside it, this small little pool cleaner can easily and efficiently clean pools within a few hours. It is a favorite among those that prefer to have nothing in the way while enjoying their pool for a good afternoon swim.

Aquabot AJET121

Easily one of the most affordable pool cleaning robots the AJET121 is focused on smaller above ground pools that need to be kept clean of smaller debris. If you have a smaller pool it will be able to clean it within an hour, however, the smaller wheels and limited basket means that it does not reach the top spot for cleaning above ground pools.

However, if you are unsure about these types of pool cleaners it is the perfect entry point and will show you exactly how efficient they can be when used correctly.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900

While the Vac-Sweep 280 has mostly stayed unchanged from the 70s that does not mean that Polaris has been sitting and waiting for their competitors to overtake them. The Vac-Sweep 3900 is one of their top robot pool cleaners.

Featuring larger wheels, large extendable tailsweep, the most torque with all-wheel drive, and a three-jet system that creates a strong suction. This is the top of the line robot pool cleaner from Polaris and it is squarely aimed at larger and more complex pools.

Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner

A complex system that is aimed at cleaning either just your floor or your entire pool in less than three hours. This cleaner specifically does not use the pool pump or filtration system to clean the pool, this means that the required backwash for your pool is decreased and you can enjoy more fun in the sun.

This pool cleaner is more focused on providing a complete solution for keeping your pool clean than anything else. Usually allowing you to activate the pool cleaner and forget about it while it runs around doing everything that would take you hours to complete.  

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler 910 Pool Cleaner

One of the oldest pool cleaning robot manufacturers in the world, Kreepy Krauly was bought out by Pentair, starting to supply the world with systems such as the Prowler 910. This effective and small pool cleaner is perfect for both above ground and underground pools, depositing all the waste it picks up into a fine mesh basket.

The power cord for the Prowler 910 is 40 feet long and is the only thing you will have to plug in to have the pool cleaner start doing its magic in your pool.

Aquabot Rover S2-40i Robot Pool Cleaner

Another budget pool cleaner the Rover S2-40i is one of the smaller but much more affordable robotic pool cleaners on the market. Many people around the world have enjoyed getting their pool cleaned without having to break their banks to pay for the tool.

Coming with a 40-foot cable, smaller catch net, and smaller wheels this pool cleaner is the same as its sister and only really meant to be used for above ground pools that are much smaller in size.

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler 930 Robot Pool Vacuum

The top end of technology always has something that can change how you live, most pool cleaners require some physical input from you. This is why the Prowler 930 from Pentair and Kreepy Krauly is one of the more luxury-focused robot pool cleaners.

It has a rail system in place of wheels, chain-driven, and sweeping function the best function of the pool cleaner is one few people will ever see. It has full smartphone integration which makes it much more similar to being a full robotic pool cleaner.

Hayward RC9990CUB

Requiring only that the power chord be plugged in and the filter cleaned regularly the RC9990CUB is one of those pool cleaners that allows you to not have pool filter maintenance to be done on the regular. One of the most fascinating things about this pool cleaner is the quick release function of the internal filter systems.

Allowing most owners to calmy and casually enjoy a clean pool with nothing more but a soft whirring noise letting them know their pool is being cleaned.

Smartpool NC22

A pool cleaner with a lot more auto functions that allow your pool to be cleaned while you forget about it. The NC22 uses an internal filter system and wall detection system that means the cleaner does not waste time trying to go up the wall and then falling back down. This function is driven by the internal direction-drive motor that helps it to work on any pool surface.

However, the auto shut-off feature that the pool cleaner enjoys means that you can plug and start it then truly forget about it. Coming back to enjoy the clean pool without having to worry about wasting power.

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