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Can A Hot Tub Make You Dehydrated? (Symptoms, Causes, Treatment)

Who doesn’t like a nice hot tub soak after a long day? It relieves your stress and relaxes your body; just the perfect end to a day! But, with the heat and sweat related to hot tubs, one might wonder, can a hot tub make you dehydrated? Yes, a hot tub can most certainly make […]

Are Plug and Play Hot Tubs Safe? (Explained)

If you are missing your regular spa days due to an excessive busy schedule then plug and play hot tubs can be your one-stop solution. Now, when we think of hot tubs, we imagine a large fixed structure with complicated machinery. So, when looking at the simple plug-and-play hot tubs one can wonder, are plug […]

Why Are Hot Tubs So Expensive- Explained!

When it comes to shopping for a hot tub, it’s okay for you to become overwhelmed seeing the high price tags. Entry level ones start from $3000. And let’s not even get into how much advanced ones cost. Now you might wonder, why are hot tubs so expensive? Prices for hot tubs are determined based […]

Do Hot Tubs Lose Water? (How to Fix)

If you own a hot tub you might have noticed that the water level drops, sometimes by inches over the course of a day or two. Sure when it’s running the heat causes it to evaporate. But, even when hot tubs are turned off they seem to lose water over time. You might be wondering, […]

Can You Use A Hot Tub In The Rain? (Interesting Tips Included)

To many, hot tubbing while it’s raining is a fantasy. A fantasy that they have been afraid of trying out. And judging from you being here reading this article, I’m sure you are one of them. But, let’s cut to the chase. Can you use a hot tub in the rain? It is completely safe […]

Does A Hot Tub Add Value to Your Property?

After a long day, a relaxing soak in your hot tub with a cold beverage in hand is the most comfortable experience. While this may be of appeal to you, it might not be the same for all the potential buyers who are looking into your home. Now that you are ready to sell your […]

Can You Use a Hot Tub in The Winter? (Tips Included)

A hot tub is a luxurious addition and also increases the value of your house. As it is high maintenance, people wonder if it will be worth the installation. Most weather and seasons are great for using a hot tub. But some wonder, can you use a hot tub in the winter? Well yes of […]

Does Drinking Alcohol in a Hot Tub Make You More Drunk?

After a stressful day at work, taking a dip in the hot tub with some beer or cocktail in hand sounds like a pleasant and relaxing experience. But the idea is not as good as it sounds. There are many risks of getting too intoxicated in the hot tub. But, does a hot tub make […]

Does A Hot Tub Need A GFCI Breaker? Expert Advice

There are specific guidelines and rules to follow for installing a GFCI breaker with a hot tub. However, if you’re preparing to install your newly bought hot tub in your house, there may be some questions floating around your head. Questions like, does a hot tub need a GFCI breaker? Yes; you need a GFCI […]