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Can I Use Baking Soda to Raise the pH In My Hot Tub?

Every homeowner with a hot tub is aware of how critical it can be to keep the pH level in a proper zone. But with the hot tub chemicals being as expensive as they are, it may have popped up in your mind “Can I use baking soda to raise the pH in my hot […]

Does a Hot Tub Have to Sit on Concrete? (In Detail)

If you are planning to install a hot tub in your bathroom or backyard, knowing some basic facts about its installation is essential. One of the biggest misconceptions is that hot tubs can only be set on a concrete base. But the reality is totally different. So, does a hot tub have to sit on […]

Why Does The Chlorine In My Hot Tub Disappear?

Chlorine is very important in a hot tub as it kills any bacteria, fungi and other nasties in your pool. It acts as a sanitizer. However, the chlorine might keep dropping every now and then. This can be quite frustrating while you are enjoying yourself in the hot tub. Due to this, you might wonder, […]

Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Durable? (Must Knowing Facts)

When you are neck-deep in hot water, it almost seems like all your worries and stress have been lifted from your shoulders, doesn't it? However, many people opt for inflatables for their cheap price. Cheap or not, we all want the things we buy to be long-lasting and worth the hard-earned money we spend. So, […]

Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Dangerous? (Myth or A Fact)

Hot tubs have always been a great way to relax and let go of all the fatigue from a day’s work. If you’re on the thought of getting one for yourself but don’t want to spend too much cash? Then an inflatable one will do the job at half the price. But then, you might […]

Are Saltwater Hot Tubs Safe? (What You Must Know)

With the rise of chlorine awareness among the general population salt water hot tubs are becoming more and more popular. But, being something fairly unusual in the hot tub market, many people wonder, are saltwater hot tubs safe? Yes, salt water hot tubs are safe. It is not harsh to eyes, skin and scalp. Rather, […]

How Many Gallons Are In A Hot Tub? (Measuring Calculator Inside)

If you own a hot tub then knowing its capacity is essential. Not only does it help you determine how many people can be in your hot tub at once, but also when cleaning your tub, knowing its proper measurements is very important. So, how do you determine how many gallons are in a hot […]

Can A Hot Tub Cover Be Dried Out? Here's All The Information You Need!

Hot tub covers becoming waterlogged is very common. It would not happen overnight, but with time you would see the cover slowly becoming heavier and water leaking through it. That is how you know your hot tub cover is soaked with water and needs to be taken care of. But, can a hot tub cover […]

How To Fix A Leaking Hot Tub (Step-by-Step Guide)

Every hot tub owner has to deal with a leaking tub one day or the other. While it may seem like a severe problem, worry not. A leaking tub is, in most cases, relatively easy to fix. Many of the hot tub fixes require some cheap and straightforward fixing if you know where to look. […]