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How much does a Hot Tub Weigh?

By Ferdi Vol
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Some of the best things you can have in your own yard are the humble hot tub, able to relax and keep you warm in the coldest of weathers. Many people want to build a hot tub somewhere small or out of the way, sometimes building them on top of wooden decks. Getting ready to install your hot tub then means that you have to know how heavy it is since the wooden frame of the deck will have to support the tub.

Hot tubs weigh 2000 pounds all the way to over 6000 pounds, each one changing weight as water and people are added. The number of people in the hot tub will drastically change the weight of the hot tub, empty hot tubs will weigh a lot less than filled hot tubs, and you need to account for the damage done to the mounting of the wood over time as well.

Knowing what exactly affects the weight of your new hot tub and how you can find a way to easily control it without giving in to the dangers of too much weight can save your money. Together with that is knowing exactly what types of hot tubs are out there will further help you in choosing the best possible tub.

Everything you need to know about hot tubs, how much they weigh, and what affects their overall weight is right here!

What affects the weight of a hot tub?

There are four things that will affect the weight of the hot tub, some of them are rather obvious while the rest are things few people will consider when they are hot tub hunting. Each part affects the overall weight of the hot tub differently, with some only being a change that should be considered when you are planning parties in your hot tub

You need to be aware of the people, size, water amount, and type of hot tub you are getting when you go looking for your first, second, or last hot tub.


The sizes of hot tubs are not measured by the amount of water the hot tub can hold; some hot tubs that hold less water than others can hold more people. This is because the number of seats that a hot tub has for people is what determines how many people can be in one. Many people think that smaller round hot tubs can hold fewer people than larger square ones.

When a hot tub is filled to capacity it can easily gain over 2000 pounds of extra weight, with some small hot tubs being able to hold 4 to 6 people with ease while large therapeutic hot tubs can only hold 4 to 5 people. Choosing your hot tub size means you need to look at how many people will fit into it, making sure that your decking can support the maximum weight of the hot tub when filled with people.


Once you have chosen a hot tub that can support the number of people that you want in it you will need to consider the overall size of the hot tub as well. Many hot tubs that are permanent will be made from fiberglass, this saves weight and ensures everything is smooth. However, fiberglass is not a lightweight material and can be quite heavy.

If you are simply getting a small round hot tub you and a friend should be able to easily pick it up and place it into position. However, if you are buying something larger or oddly shaped then it will weigh a lot more. Further, hot tubs that are extensions of pools will weigh significantly more than their normal counterparts.

But these will not be placed on wooden decks, so the weight of the tub is not a problem.


Water is one of the most amazing forces on our planet and many people underestimate the effect it has on everything around us. When you have a hot tub to fill you are no longer working with simple liters of gallons that you will easily encounter anywhere else in life. Some hot tubs can be thousands of gallons of water that can easily way several tons.

You need to check how many people your hot tub can take as well as how much water will be in it, only then will you know what the maximum weight of the hot tub will be. One of the most surprising things you will learn is that a therapeutic hot tub may have a lot more water in it than a regular hot tub will have.


There are many types of hot tubs that you can choose from and knowing what the advantages and disadvantages of each tub are will help you to easily choose the best one. Normal hut tubs will have seats, a few nozzles, and be easy to place, usually holding a maximum of 6 people if everyone is bunched up together.

Large luxury hot tubs can be extremely large, while therapeutic hot tubs will be longer than most normal hot tubs. Then there are the inflatable hot tubs that have basic nozzles but can be put anywhere and filled with friends and family. Each type of hot tub weighs a significantly different amount and will require that you do some basic research before installing them in your home.

How heavy is each hot tub?

While there are many types of hot tubs, all hot tubs are measured with the average of a universal number of people that can fit in them. Each one having accepted levels of minimum and maximum weights, knowing these will let you know where to start looking for the hot tub that you want in your life.

These are the average weights of the most common hot tubs you will be able to find in any local store.

  • 2 to 3 person: With a minimum weight of 600 pounds and a maximum of 3000 pounds this is the smallest type of hot tub commonly used. These are also the ones that you are most likely to find when the owner has limited space, they are also loved for being able to be placed inside a building.
  • 4 to 5 person: Slightly larger and already much heavier the 4 to 5-person hot tub starts at 750 pounds and goes up to 4420 pounds when filled with water and people. These are the types of hot tubs that are either in the backyard or used as therapy tub. Usually seen in movies and series at the rich person's house, they are some of the most easily recognizable hot tubs.
  • 6 to 8 person: The largest hot tubs that you can find in the commercial market start at 800 pounds when empty and will be 5 500 pounds when filled with the recommended max of 8 people. However, these tubs are so large that most kids will be able to swim in them like pools, their weight can easily increase well above what the listings for them indicate.
  • Inflatable: A popular new hot tub that has entered the market and has gained popularity with people that do not own larger houses are inflatable tubs, which weigh almost nothing when empty but can increase to 2 700 pounds when filled with both water and people. These tubs are nice because they are out of the way when not using them and require less maintenance when entirely deflated and packed away.

How do you calculate the size and weight of your hot tub?

The size and weight of your hot tub are ultimately what you will need to know before installing them in the desired location. Many hot tub manufacturers will happily provide you with this information if you ask for it. With most pamphlets already including this information, however, there are rare cases where you may be buying older hot tubs or reclaimed ones.

To calculate the weight that your pool will be is easy, you will need to know the total volume of water that the tub can hold. To do this you measure the hot tub, and the inclines of any curves if they are there, remember to measure the inside. You then do the age-old calculate of length times width times depth, which will give you the total volume that the pool can hold.

From there it is simple, one square inch of water weighs around 2.2 pounds, with simple multiplication you can calculate the weight that the filled tub will be. However, if this seems too complicated, which it can be, it might be best to ask a contractor or friend to help you calculate the end weight.

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