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Do You Need A Fence Around A Hot Tub? (Why, Benefits, Laws, More)

Hot tubs can enhance the appearance of your home, making it seem more expensive and aesthetically pleasing. However, it is natural to dread having a water feature around the house when you have kids and pets. Building a small fence around your hot tub can instantly solve this problem.

Hot tub fences are not a luxury, they are a necessity. They ensure you the ultimate privacy and safety you want to have in your home. Apart from that, several states require the construction of fences around hot tubs, since drowning is one of the most common causes of death. Plus, a fence would add a decorative touch to the entire hot tub area.

It doesn't cost much money to build a fence, and there are so many designs you can choose from. You can even personalize it according to your preferences. They however need to be built by making sure they are meeting the safety standards. Read the rest of the article to find out what these standards are, and do you need a fence around a hot tub in more detail.

Hot Tub Fences: Why You Need Them?

For avoiding any sort of danger around the hot tub area, safety protocols should be followed religiously. If not, it can cause serious mishaps in no time. As a result, fences play a vital role when it comes to hot tubs, spas, and swimming pools. It will not only guarantee your privacy but will also provide you with a sense of security.

Iron, wood, plastic, and lumber are some popular choices for building a fence around hot tub. These are inexpensive and very easy to install. Therefore, you can choose any of these options based on your budget and requirements. Even if your hot tub is a few inches deep, a fence is a required addition that you would have to build. It is a must!

Benefits of Putting a Fence Around Hot Tubs

When having fun with your family in the hot tub, it is essential to make sure the environment is safe. Fences can be beneficial for those reasons in multiple ways. You would be surprised at how many unwanted situations it can prevent. Here are a few reasons why fences are ideal for hot tubs in terms of being both logically and legally beneficial.

1. Ensuring Privacy

Installing fences will ensure you get the proper privacy you need for using hot tubs. You will stay out of sight of your neighbors and will have a greater sense of freedom. Relaxation is what hot tubs are all about, so being bothered by people staring at you while you use them is never a pleasant experience.

The minimum space between a hot tub and fence should be 1.2 meters. This distance ensures there is enough space for people to walk and relax by the water feature. You can also invest in portable fencing if you think your property is too small to have a permanent fence. These will ensure you get privacy whilst having the option to remove it when needed.

2. Accident Prevention

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in recent years. For that reason, in several states building a fence is a legal requirement. Hot tubs are prone to accidents, which is why installing a fence around them can save lives. As a pet owner or a parent with young children, you probably know how dreadful it is to have water features at home.

Installing a fence around a hot tub would ensure you can monitor their movements. This would allow you to supervise them and make sure they stay away from the water features. As a result, having a fence around your hot tubs would make it less likely for accidents to occur.

3. Mental Satisfaction

When you know your kids and pets are safe within the pool area, it will automatically put you in a state of relaxation. If you don't have a peaceful mind, then it is impossible to fully enjoy your hot tub installation. Fences are always essential for ensuring that.

Plus, your privacy will also be protected since your neighbors will not be able to see you when you are in the hot tub. It is also possible to hang curtains around the fences if you still feel unsure about the situation. In other words, fences will provide you with an overall feeling of relief. Therefore, you can relax and spend quality time with your family and friends.

4. Affordable Pricing

Fences are generally not very expensive to install. The prices will depend on what type of design and material you select for your home. Iron fences would cost you between $24 and $34 per linear foot. However, recently, wooden fences have been the most popular and their prices range from $1000-1500 per 100 linear feet.

A square foot of the cheapest one starts at around $6-8. Despite this, you will need to pay $15-30 for premium materials, which will ensure the fencing requirements are met. Plus, think of this expenditure as an investment, because the fences will serve you for years. Therefore, the extra money you spend now will pay for itself over time.

5. Customized Designs

Fences are readily available in shops that sell mass-produced products. There is a possibility you will find something you like there, but if not, you could always customize it to suit your style.

Wooden and iron materials are more suitable for customization. Changing the design of an existing project might require a higher price from the contractor, however. If you prefer, you can also design a separate room for the hot tub, where you will have both privacy and safety. If needed, you can also lock the room when kids are playing to avoid accidents. 

Laws Pertaining to Hot Tub Fencing

Typically, a person who possesses land, whether he or she is an owner or purchaser under contract, has a hot tub, swimming pool or other water feature must safeguard it. Fences and barriers both fill this requirement. Laws of this sort are applicable all over the world, and especially in America. There may be some states that are stricter than others.

The barrier can be a wall, room, fence, or a combination of all of them. It will depend on the size of the water feature, and the available space around it. The minimum height for the fence is 48 inches, and it has to be 1.2 meters away from the hot tub or pool. There has to be enough space for people to walk around the water feature.

These laws are strictly followed in many countries because as said previously, drowning is one of the leading causes of death. It only takes a few inches of water to create a hazardous situation, even for adults who know how to swim. So, it is not safe for children or pets at all to roam around the hot tub or pools, without supervision.

A fence ensures that the kids stay away from the water when no adult is around them. Now, of course, you can think kids can climb the fences, so what's the point in having one. In exceptional cases like these, if a child hops over your fence and that results in injury or death, it would count as an accident. Due to the fence you had, you would not be held liable for this incident.

It is also advised to build a fence by someone who is professional and knows all the health codes. Make sure you are getting all the necessary permits and tools to install a fence too. These days, people file lawsuits against each other for the smallest reasons. So, if your fence has met all the needed requirements, it would save you from a lot of trouble.

To learn more on pool and hot tub safety protocols, click here

Added Legal Requirements for Hot Tub Fences

There are times when a simple fence will not work. Therefore, these are some additional requirements for a fence that are legally required to add in some states. They are highly recommended as an extra layer of protection against situations that could prove undesirable.

1. Access Gates

Some people have built fences without gates, and that just doesn’t keep the kids safe from the water. They can enter the premises at any time they want. So, having a gate that can be locked should be a top priority when building fences. However, do not guild a gate in the driveways, as it might cause other problems.

The gates’ locking devices should be located at least 54 inches above the ground so kids can't reach them. A waterproof and durable sign should be hung at the gate at all times that says ‘POOL AREA KEEP GATE CLOSED’ in bold letters. The size of the fonts should be ½ inch, and they should be posted at all access points.

2. Alarm Systems

An alarm system for the gates is also highly recommended and legally required. Each access gate should have one. Whenever there is a trespass, the alarm should go off for at least 30 seconds. The sound must be loud enough for anyone to hear it from home, even during loud activities like washing or cooking.

The alarm should also come with a touchpad or switch that can be disarmed with a single touch. It will allow you to open the gates and immediately deactivate the sounds. It is important to install these switches above 54 inches above the ground as well.

3. Inspection Periods

You would still have to wait until you receive approval from the authorities after installing fences, gates, alarm systems, and other necessary safety gadgets. Till that time you can’t fill up the hot tub with water, or plaster it.

This step is needed to ensure the hot tub has the right safety measurements followed. Therefore, if there is an accident in the area, the authorities won't be held responsible. Be a good citizen and follow these safety guidelines when you install a hot tub in your home.

Alternatives to Fences That Are Just as Safe

There are so many options out there other than fences that can provide you with the same amount of safety and privacy. A fence can sometimes look bad in the pool area if it does not blend well with the surroundings. So, the alternatives can come in handy if you are looking for something unique for your hot tub.

Stone walls: These can beautify any setting. These are classic and give a rustic look to the backyard. You will not have to worry about whether or not it is see-through, because it provides complete privacy. You can easily install wooden gates that can be attached to alarms as well.

Glass fences: Glass fences are another option you can consider. These are very stylish and can be installed around huge areas. If you don’t have neighbors around your home, this can be the perfect option for you. This fence would make the whole house look expensive.

Tree barriers: Tree barriers are beautiful in garden areas. You can buy long, leafy trees and plant them around your hot tub. You might still need to add a wooden fence around it so that it meets the safety requirements of your neighborhood.

Also, you can always mix and match around different ideas. It all depends on your taste in products. Therefore, you can design your fences however you want. The only thing you need to ensure is that your design has to meet the safety protocols required by your state.

In summary, water features in homes require fences. You may feel like hot tubs don't require protection, but they too are responsible for a significant number of fatalities. Besides that, privacy is also an important factor to consider when you install hot tubs. Hence, it is important to comply with state regulations.

I hope this article has answered your questions regarding do you need a fence around a hot tub and more. Thank you for reading. See you soon!

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