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Do Hot Tubs Attract Spiders? – Explained with Solution!

Imagine you are spending a relaxing summer afternoon, inside your hot tub and suddenly you feel something on your back. It’s crawling, you jump up and find a spider! Spiders scare the bravest of us, and whether or not you are afraid of them you wouldn’t want them crawling in your hot tub. So, many people wonder, do hot tubs attract spiders?

Spiders usually like to build their homes in dry places with vegetation or bugs around. So no, your hot tub does not attract spiders. However, if there are bugs nearby or inside your hot tub, the bugs might attract spiders as they are always in search of food. This is why finding spiders in hot tubs is pretty common.

If you don’t use your hot tub a lot and leave it out for months, that might also cause it to gather dust and become a perfect home for all kinds of bugs including spiders. So, let’s check out why spiders might come to visit your tub and once you have identified the reasons, you can take preventive measures accordingly.

Why You Might Have Spiders Around You Hot Tub

Hot tubs themselves don’t have any inherent quality that makes them perfect for spiders. It’s how you maintain your hot tub and its environment which matters. Some climates also make the perfect breeding ground for spiders. A lot of places geographically also have more spiders than other places. All of these factors together contribute to the spider problem.

As you probably guessed, if your hot tub is indoors chances are you will never face any of these problems. But fitting a hot tub inside can be a space problem for many people, and most people tend to have their hot tubs in the backyards.

Since backyards are open and usually have other trees or grass nearby these places will usually have a lot of bugs around. These bugs in turn take shelter near your hot tub and thus attract spiders. Spiders’ main source of food is other bugs, so they come in search of food for your hot tubs.

If you don’t keep your hot tub clean, that also could be a reason why spiders might settle in. Especially if you haven’t used it in months. As with any place inside your home as well, if you leave it unattended and dirty for long periods, chances are it will become the home of spiders, cockroaches, and other bugs.

So, while hot tubs themselves don’t attract spiders, their environment might. This is why it’s important to take care of your hot tub and clean them properly. While most spiders aren’t dangerous, the outdoor spiders can get very big and it’s inconvenient being worried about spiders when you are just trying to relax.

Why Are Bugs Attracted to Hot Tubs?

Many bugs prefer humid areas for living and breeding. A hot tub is the perfect place for that. This leads to bugs invading your hot tub if it's left unused for a long period of time and they can later attract spiders. So, if you have a spider infestation problem the first thing you need to do is get rid of the other insects.

Food particles around your hot tub are the first cause of an infestation. If you eat in your hot tub, there might be crumbs lying around which attract small bugs and ants and as a result, these attract spiders. Body oils and lotions might also make the waters taste delicious to bugs. And simply water on its own will also attract certain kinds of small bugs.

Another luring factor for bugs comes out at night. If your hot tub has LED lights integrated into it, these will attract a lot of different bugs. These especially come out at night and will flock near any light source.

So yes, hot tubs do attract bugs and many different kinds of them. It can become a huge problem for many hot tub owners. You have to constantly keep cleaning your hot tub, and take preventive measures to keep these bugs out. If there’s no food in the tub, i.e., no bugs, then there’s no reason for spiders to make it their homes.

How Do I Keep Spiders Out of My Hot Tub?

There are a lot of different things you can do to keep spiders out of your hot tub. You could simply remove them if you only see them once in a blue moon. Or if the problem is more serious you could call a Terminator Pest Control. But before things become that serious, here are a few things you should try.

Clean Your Tub Regularly

The best way to prevent both bugs and spiders from being anywhere near your tub is to keep it clean. This means you clean your tub regularly, and especially after you’ve used it. Make sure no food or crumbs is lying in or around your tub. If there’s no reason for bugs to come near your tub, they are less likely to make a home in it.

You should also keep your hot tub empty and dry when not in use. Remember to clean the outer edges and any nooks and crannies where it might get dirty easily. If you take proper care of your hot tub, not only will it keep spiders away but it’s also good for your tub.

Keep Lights Off

Don’t leave your tub lights on when you’re not using them, especially at night. Lights attract a lot of bugs, and these will in turn attract spiders. If the lights are on all night, it gives bugs the perfect place to set their home and become comfortable.

Only use them when you are inside the tub yourself and the water is hot. If possible try to use your tub during the day. As at night, bugs might still fly to your hot tub even if you are in them.

Seal your Hot Tub

Spiders might lay their eggs in small holes or dents or cracks in or outside your hot tub. If your tub has external cracks or holes, try to fill them up with caulk or crack filler. Even if spiders aren’t around, you should probably do this for the betterment of your hot tub.

There are also hollow spaces inside most hot tubs for jets and other features. So keep your hot tub completely sealed off when not in use. Most tubs will nowadays come with air-tight covers or if you don’t have one just buy them online. This will protect the inside of your tub from collecting dust, bugs, and spiders.

Use Deterrents

There are certain acidic smells that spiders dislike. If you rub the insides of your hot tub with a lemon peel, chances are spiders won’t come near it. They hate citrus smells. You can also use other smells like lavender, citronella, eucalyptus, cedar, or peppermints.

If you don’t want to rub anything on your tub you might also consider getting scented candles with these smells. Things like lavender and lemon are pleasant smells to humans. You might also get air fresheners or scent sachets. Using vinegar is also a great way to prevent spiders from coming near you. If you spot one, you can spray it with vinegar as well.

Call a Terminator

If your spider problem is much more serious, and they keep coming back then you might consider calling pest control. They will use pesticides to clean the entire area and kill any bugs or pests including spiders that might be there.

But you should always keep this as a last resort. The pesticides that exterminators use are very strong and can be dangerous. If any kind of residue is left behind it can potentially be very harmful to humans. And they will usually leave a very strong smell in your hot tub, which can be hard to get rid of. So only call a terminator if there is an extreme case.

If you follow all these steps and take proper care of your hot tub, you will be much less likely to have any spiders crawling up your back. Spiders can be very annoying and certain kinds like the Black Widow spider can also be dangerous. These are much more common in certain, warmer climates. So, you must keep spiders away from your hot tub.

Is Bug Spray Safe to Use On My Hot Tub?

Bug sprays might come to mind if you are thinking of keeping away spiders, but they aren’t always that effective. A vinegar solution with 50% water is much easier and more effective in keeping away spiders and works better than bug sprays will.

Bug sprays also have weird, insecticide smells and you wouldn’t want to soak in your hot tub with such a strong smell in the air. Plus, all the water might wash away your bug spray.

Lastly, bug sprays contain chemicals that might mix with the water in your hot tub and make it toxic. These chemicals are often poisonous and even if they aren’t they aren’t safe for contact with your skin. They might cause rashes, allergies, or even burns. So, it’s best not to use bug sprays inside your hot tub. You might use them on the outer edges if you’re very careful.

So, do hot tubs attract spiders? Not directly but indirectly yes. But, knowing how to get rid of them, you can enjoy your hot tub without any worries. Whether or not you have a phobia of spiders it’s always a good idea to keep them away from your hot tubs. If you are careful, you hopefully won’t have to face this problem anymore.

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