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Can You Use a Hot Tub in The Winter? (Tips Included)

A hot tub is a luxurious addition and also increases the value of your house. As it is high maintenance, people wonder if it will be worth the installation. Most weather and seasons are great for using a hot tub. But some wonder, can you use a hot tub in the winter?

Well yes of course. Hot tubs are great for wintertime. As long as you are maintaining a temperature that is not above 104° F, hot tubbing will soothe you down during winter. There may be some extra maintenance required for hot tubs in winter. But it is all manageable. 

There’s nothing like a nice hot bath in our hot tub during the cold winter months. But, besides the relaxation it provides, a nice warm bath is actually beneficial during winter. You should also know the proper way of maintaining your hot tub in this season. I will talk about all of this and further on in the article. 

Some Reasons Why Hot Tub in Winter is Great

Hot tubs during winter might just become your new favorite activity. Interested to know why? Read the points below to know the reasons why a hot tub is great in winter. 

Soothes Cold or Flu, Joint and Muscle Pain

Catching a cold in winter is common. Germs also get stored in the snow. To drive the germs away, it is recommended that you inhale the steam. With a hot tub, you let your sinus get some steam. And also allow your body to soak in warm water that does not contribute to your runny nose. 

People often experience pain in their joints and muscles in winter. They are recommended to give heat treatment. But warm water is also known to heal the body from pain, and in this case, a hot tub will come extremely handy. You can lay in the warm water of your hot tub at a temperature you are comfortable in. Go ahead and soak for as long as your body needs for the pain. 

There is no need to reheat or re-adjust the water as it will constantly have the temperature you set before getting into the tub. However, you must make sure that you do not set the temperature above 104° F, otherwise, it will be too hot for your body to endure. 

Can Help You Defrost During Winter

Do you know about the frosting sensation people have during winter? I am sure you do. Fingertips and toes become cold and numb. Woolen gloves, sweaters, and socks do not seem to do the trick. However, a hot tub can help you defrost!

A soothing and relaxing bath in a hot tub will help you even out the temperature of your body. It is great for your body to experience the healing warm water evenly spread everywhere when the atmosphere is cold. It is like a sauna and a heated massage. 20 - 30 minutes in a hot tub every day can prevent your body from having any joint pain at all. 

However, there is a temperature concern I mentioned in the last point. The general temperature of the human body is 98°. Thus, you should not set the temperature at more than 104°, otherwise, water too hot will give you a burning sensation.  

Makes Outdoor Time Fun

People sometimes stop going outdoors during winter. Outdoor activities seem like a hassle because of the snow and the cold wind. Winter is a harsh season. And very few people actually enjoy it. Besides little kids of course.

But if you have a hot tub outdoors, it can be your go-to activity or relaxation spot during winter. You can relax alone or even with your family and friends. Just make sure to have slippers that will prevent you from slipping on ice when you are done. Get yourself a cozy fluffed bathrobe as well that will comfort your body once you get out of your hot tub. 

How Should You Use a Hot Tub During Winter?

Owning a hot tub also makes you wonder if you can use it all year long and in all kinds of weather. Some people prefer to close down their hot tubs during winter and some desire to use it. If you’re one of the latter ones then I have a few tips for you. 

Shovel the Area Around Your Hot Tub 

Some people have their hot tubs under shaded areas. But those who have it in their backyard might have snow all around it. Shoveling the area around your hot tub when there is snow on the ground is a safety tip.

The snow surrounding your hot tub is a major trip hazard. This is something you should keep in mind. Especially if you have kids in your house. So, always make sure to keep the hot tub area free of any snow while using it to avoid any unnecessary accidents. 

Clean the Hot Tub Before Using It

Even if your hot tub is covered, there are chances of snow getting stuck near its drainage. You have to make sure to clear out the snow and any kind of dirt before using it.

Cleaning your hot tub ensures a better flow of water out of the drainage system. The circulation of water in and out of the skimmer also gets smooth and easy. 

Towel Warmer, Tread Slippers, and Fluffy Winter Bathrobe

When you plan to use your hot tub, keep a towel warmer too. Once you are in the tub, anything that is out in the open will start to get cold and freeze. If your towel gets cold, wrapping it around will ruin the whole experience of the hot tub. 

Thus, a towel warmer helps. The moment you wrap a warm towel around your body, it helps sustain the heat therapy you just had in your hot tub. 

You can also have a fluffy bathrobe that you can keep warm in your towel warmer. Bathrobes help cover the whole body from the head to your knees. Thus, you can use this as well instead of a large body towel.  

Tread slippers are essential too. Even though you will shovel the excess snow on the ground, the cold weather will make the ground slippery. Tread slippers help in having a grip when you walk, preventing you from falling. 

How To Maintain Your Hot Tub in Winter? 

To enjoy the hot tub during winter, you also need to make sure you are maintaining it. Winter often causes the pipes to freeze and snow to slip in despite the hot tub having covers. Here I’ll be providing a few maintenance tips for people new to using hot tubs.

Get an Insulated Cover and Thermal Blanket for Your Hot Tub

If you ever have a snowstorm in your area, then the snow will probably make its way into your hot tub with normal covers. Better you get an insulated one. Insulated covers prevent elements from entering the hot tub.

It also prevents water evaporation as it is waterproof and works like a tightened seal. It also helps keep your water up to a good temperature as the surface of the water is likely to get cold in winter. Before using the hot tub, do not pull the cover off while it is filled with snow. Sweep it away first. 

Besides an insulated cover, get a thermal blanket too. A thermal blanket provides extra protection to the water from getting cold. It is placed on the water’s surface under the cover. Thermal blankets are not expensive and can help maintain energy bills. It provides extra help in retaining the temperature of the water, even in the coldest weather. 

Maintain the Water Level and Temperature

Keep the temperature of the water in your hot tub below 104° F. This temperature is better for your body and will allow the hot tub to get warm faster during the coldest winter days.  

Also, be careful about the water level. The water in your tub must not be too low. If it is too low, the heater and pump in your hot tub might freeze and get damaged permanently. The water needs to be on the level of the skimmer and not below. Skimmer allows circulation of water. So if the water is below it, the temperature will fluctuate. 

Keep the Filter Clean and Change the Water Regularly

Keep your hot tub’s filter clean. Pipes often freeze during winter. Thus, to ensure a steady flow of water, it is advised that you run your hot tub regularly. And when doing so, also make sure that your filter does not have dirt or snow stuck with it. 

In winter, it is hard to know when the temperature might fall. You may not be able to change the water on your desired day because of the freezing climate. It cannot be estimated beforehand whether the pipes will freeze for the weather. Thus, you should refill your hot tub every two-three days. Leave it covered for the next use after refilling. 

There’s nothing like a warm soak in the winter month in your backyard hot tub. But, using your bathtub in the chilling outside can be quite intimidating for those who’ve never tried it. But, after reading this article, you now know whether or not can you use a hot tub in the winter. So, I hope this article has given you some closure.

Using your hot tub in the winter is totally fine. As long as you follow the proper safety guidelines and do proper maintenance, there is nothing to worry about. Thanks for reading till the end. I hope this article has helped you out. Until next time, farewell.

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