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Do Hot Tubs Attract Spiders? – Explained with Solution!

Imagine you are spending a relaxing summer afternoon, inside your hot tub and suddenly you feel something on your back. It’s crawling, you jump up and find a spider! Spiders scare the bravest of us, and whether or not you are afraid of them you wouldn’t want them crawling in your hot tub. So, many […]

Are Bullfrog Spas Good? (Reviewed 2021)

Backyard spas and hot tubs are all the rage right now. They are a great addition to your backyard and can make any stressful day relaxing and entertaining. If you’re thinking of buying a new spa you’ve probably heard of Bullfrog spas. But, are Bullfrog spas good? You can rest assured with a Bullfrog spa, […]

How to Balance the Calcium Hardness of Your Pool or Hot Tub

When you first fill your pool and hot tub with water you will find yourself with water that somehow feels hard to play in, but soft water will cause parts of your pool and hot tub to erode faster. Finding the way to control this seemingly hidden danger can be a headache, with many first-time […]

The Complete Guide to Pool Chemistry in 2020

Pools are complex systems that can cause headaches and tears of frustration when you need to keep them clean without any help. Some of the most complex systems have been created to help decrease the number of chemicals you need to add, however, you will still need to add some chemicals as the levels start […]

How much does a Hot Tub Weigh?

Some of the best things you can have in your own yard are the humble hot tub, able to relax and keep you warm in the coldest of weathers. Many people want to build a hot tub somewhere small or out of the way, sometimes building them on top of wooden decks. Getting ready to […]

What are the 10 best robot pool cleaners in 2020?

Pools are some of the most amazing things to have in your backyard, they cool you down, provide more fun than almost any other piece of equipment you can have. This is why it is so painful that all pools require hours of work to keep perfectly clean, sparkling, and always free of leaves. Having […]
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