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Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Durable? (Must Knowing Facts)

When you are neck-deep in hot water, it almost seems like all your worries and stress have been lifted from your shoulders, doesn't it? However, many people opt for inflatables for their cheap price. Cheap or not, we all want the things we buy to be long-lasting and worth the hard-earned money we spend. So, many people wonder, are inflatable hot tubs durable?

Quality plays an important role in the durability of inflatable hot tubs. Some tubs will last you two months, and other tubs will last for up to 5 years. If you want it to last for a long time, you have to decide on its materials and choose high-quality products. If you use vinyl ones, for example, you will be protected quite easily against scratches, tears, and punctures.

Inflatable hot tubs are weaker than regular hot tubs, and it’s a fact. However, if you take proper care of it, then you can expect a few good years from it. To learn more about how you can maintain your inflatable hot tub, keep reading the article till the end.

How Long Would an Inflatable Hot Tub Last?

An inflatable hot tub can last up to 5 years as long as you have actually purchased a high-end product and taken care of it properly.

If you are wondering whether or not an inflatable hot tub is a good investment, then the answer is no. This product would not last very long like a regular hot tub. However, if you are low on budget, then yes, investing in one might make sense. Although it would serve you for a good number of years, you would still have to watch it get destroyed at some point.

On the other hand, regular hot tubs would not cause such problems. Plus, these add extra value and style to your home. So, not only does it perform better than inflatables, but it is also a good investment that you can rely on for 20+ years. Inflatables would not add any real value, and it would make your backyard even cheaper if you think about it.

Nevertheless, it is still unwise to throw inflatables under the bridge just because they are not durable enough. There are some added benefits to them too. For instance, people who don't have sufficient space for hot tubs can use inflatable tubs instead and enjoy the same results or experience. You can store them easily, and they can also be taken on a trip. 

So, yes, inflatables may not have the best durability but you can still give them a go, and check for yourself. If you like using hot tubs, you can always switch to regular ones later. If you want an extraordinary life for your inflatable tub, you must invest in high-quality models, which are resistant to harsh weather, pointy objects, and other things of a similar nature.

A great example is Intext PureSpa Plus. It can fit 6 people at a time, and has a heater pump, cover, and even LED lights installed that can be spectacular at night. It uses Fiber-Tech Construction for its structure. This means, despite being durable, it is soft and comfortable to use. It also comes with a travel bag for easy storage and transportation.

How To Make Inflatable Hot Tubs Last Longer?

To make your inflatable hot tubs last even longer, you would have to keep a track of the water quality and weather in your area. Additionally, you will need to make sure you have warranty and guarantee cards with your tub, just in case something goes wrong.

So, the first thing you should do while you purchase the tub is, look for whether or not the shop is giving you warranty or guarantee cards. It will not only allow you to change or fix the tub without charge but would also indicate the tub is of good quality. Remember, poor-quality products usually don’t come with these cards.

Next, inflatable hot tubs are not safe to use during the winter season. If you are from an area where it snows, make sure you are storing the tub inside and have drained all the water. In any other case, the water could freeze, and the tub would burst due to expansion. Manufacturers typically warn against using tubs when the temperature drops below 4 degrees.

Also, rain and hot tubs or any other water sources do not go well together. Water attracts thunder, and hence it is not safe to use hot tubs when there is even slight rain. The risk is so great that experts have advised people not to use these products indoors as well. So, if you hear thunder, it's best to stay away from hot tubs.

Inflatable Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Knowing how to take care of an inflatable hot tub would drastically increase its lifespan. Hence, you would get to experience better service, while enjoying a comparatively cheap hot tub. The following are some things you should do regularly. I encourage you to read them and maintain them. It will benefit you in more ways than you might think!

1. Balanced pH Levels

The perfect pH level for an inflatable hot tub is around 7.2-7.8. It should always be maintained, otherwise, this can lead to various damages. Not only will it affect your skin and hair, but it would also take part in damaging the vinyl coating of the hot tub. There is a possibility that the tub's outer area could be ripped if the pH is too low.

In addition, if it is too high, it would leave visible watermarks on the surface. Because of this, you should check the alkaline levels every week to ensure everything is balanced. Most hot tubs come with a kit that allows you to check the pH level, so do look for that. Alternatively, you can order them online or from a spa supply store near you.

2. Strong Base

As inflatable hot tubs are prone to deflating or bursting, you would have to make sure you are placing it properly on a flat surface. There should not be any sharp or heavy objects around it that can cause it to pop, or leave scratch marks on it. On the other hand, you would also have to make sure the ground is strong enough to support the weight of water in the tub.

Hence, it is recommended to use a ground cloth or tub pads on the floor where you will place the tub. It will make the surface cleaner and puncture-proof. It will further help with making the base of the ground strong, so it can properly support the weight of the inflatable hot tub, along with the weight of people and water. These pads are also suitable for indoor use.

3. Keep the Filters Clean

Cleaning the filters is an essential step towards a durable hot tub. How often you should clean the filters depends on some factors. For instance, how regularly do you use the hot tub? How clean is the water in your area? And if the water’s pH level is healthy. So, make sure you know the answers to these questions, so you can properly maintain the tub.

The filters are not that difficult to clean. If you use a dishwasher, you can just throw them in too, with some mild dishwashing soap. If you regularly clean your filters, it is possible to skip the soap too. However, if this concept is alien to you, and you did not know that you have to clean the filters, you do need some small brushes, and soap to get the gunk out of the filters properly.

4. Water Quality

Maintaining good water quality in the inflatable hot tub is also very important. The cleaner the water, the better the overall experience of the spa. If the tub water is not properly treated, several bacteria and viruses can grow and damage your skin, hair, and the tub as well. Hence, it is important to use chlorine or bromine sanitizers to kill those germs.

However, sometimes these can be too harsh for an inflatable tub. Hence, be sure to ask your supplier about the type of product you should use. For additional safety, always replace the water after every use. When you are not using the tub, keep the lid on. It will keep away leaves, bugs, and other debris from the water.

5. Cleaning the Tub

After you drain the water from the hot tub, you must maintain some extra steps so it stays in a good condition for a long time. Once deflated, wipe out extra water with a microfiber towel or kitchen towel. It will ensure there is no bacterial growth when the tub is stored away. This step would also guarantee that the vinyl is protected for many years.

If it's a comparatively old tub that has scratches or other marks, you can try scrubbing it with a soft-bristled brush. Use a mild detergent or dishwashing soap. If you feel like the brushes can be too harsh, you can always switch to old cloth that you no longer use. Be careful not to overdo this, as inflatables are always at risk of tearing.

So, to conclude, are inflatable hot tubs durable or not, would depend on how careful you are while using them. People who are looking for short-term services rather than years are likely to make good investments with them. I hope this article has cleared up all your confusion, and you can make good choices! Take care!

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